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Our bespoke interior bathroom and kitchen finishes are second to none. Our designs comprise sleek, uncluttered and clean lines.

Design Image demonstrates a high level of client service throughout the planning, design, build and completion of your scheme. We pride ourselves on efficiency to communicate, to ensure maximum efficiency and consider the commitment to working relationships throughout the project.

When creating residential or commercial space, we consider the basic constraints of the building and incorporate the family dynamic and job functions when planning the interior design requirements for maximum efficiency. We tailor the design to your every day needs, ensuring a balance fit for purpose.

A loft conversion under construction

We understand that designing and constructing a new home is one of the most challenging things that many people will do. Our approach is to guide our clients through the process utilizing our unique perspectives. Our process is simple yet effective.

We provide a thorough analysis of the site and the surrounding context and develop a solution that is responsive to both. Next, since we realize that each building should be as unique as the family that occupies it, we develop and organize a detailed program by actually listening to our client’s requests.

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