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Property Consultant Services

We will offer you the services of a Property Consultant and will protect your interests, in the same way as an estate agent does for the vendor, as outlined below:


As your Property Consultant, we will use our in depth knowledge and experience of over 20 years in working in the property market to identify and draw up a portfolio of properties that may interest you.


This expertise, combined with our industry contacts can then be used to your advantage to provide a powerful insight into your investment and a much needed edge in the race to acquire the most desirable properties in London and the South East.


Acting as your Property Consultant we are committed to:

a. meeting your needs for quality properties,

b. protecting your assets,

c. delivering the highest level of personal service,

d. saving clients’ time and money and avoiding stress to ensure they get the best investment in using our services.



The advantages of appointing us to act on your behalf, is that we have over 20 years experience of Architectural Services within London and the Home Counties, and we are compliant with current planning legislation and the ever changing building regulation policies.

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