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Loft Conversion

A dormer loft is a key advantage to gain an extra bedroom, living room or office which can be added more economically and quickly. 

The planning and development time is measured in weeks rather than months so you can rapidly enjoy more space and add value to your home.

We understand that designing and constructing a new home is one of the most challenging things that many people will do. Our approach is to guide our clients through the process utilizing our unique perspectives. Our process is simple yet effective building Loft Conversions in London.

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We provide a thorough analysis of the site and the surrounding context and develop a solution that is responsive to both.

Next, since we realize that with each building a Loft Conversion should be as unique as the family occupying it, we develop and organize a detailed program by actually listening to our client’s requests. Finally, we provide an efficient, elegant and unique solution to be enjoyed by our clients for decades to come.

Our Before and After Loft Conversions

All of loft conversion require building regulations

Here are some notes of the requirements;

There are currently 14 independent Approved Documents (Part A – Part P) that require satisfaction in order to meet building regulation standards:

Part A Structure

Part B Fire Safety

Part C Site preparation and resistance 

to contaminants and moisture

Part D Toxic Substances

Part E Resistance to the passage of sound

Part F Ventilation

Part G Hygiene

Part H Drainage and waste disposal

Part J Combustion appliances and fuel 

storage systems

Part K Protection from falling, collision and impact

Part L Conservation of fuel and power

Part M Access to and use of buildings

Part N Glazing- safety in relation to impact, 

opening and cleaning

Part P Electrical safety – Dwellings.

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