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Planning made easy for Loft Conversions, Home Extensions, Bathroom design and Garage Conversions

Our high quality building plans and building specification document will enable you to put out to tender to Building Contractors for the most competitive quotations in the market, this enables you to shop around. We are always acting in your best interests. Often companies that provide a design and build service may not be acting in your interests and may take shortcuts with the design so that site construction works are cheaper for them and not for you.

We are your agents and are working independently for you. We are fully insured for all liabilities and professional indemnities. Copies of our certificates are available for viewing upon request. It is essential that anyone providing architectural building design services for your home is fully insured for professional indemnity.

Your home is your most valuable asset and it is common sense that anyone providing services affecting the design and structure of your property is fully insured.

The Design & Materials Feasibility Study

We will carry out a feasibility study for you (the client) at an early stage to establish whether it is feasible to build or development of particular plot or land. 

The Design & Materials Feasibility Study covers:
– A general assessment of your building plot and a discussion of your ideas
– An honest appraisal of the planning prospects 
– The preparation of a brief taking into account design and budget requirements

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